Rose & Romance

rose wine

Ernest Hemingway once said “write while drunk, edit while sober,” (at least it’s attributed to him). And what’s better than writing the climax to a romance novel while sipping on some delicious rose wine I picked up at the local Trader Joe’s?

You’re right. Nothing is better!

It’s not often that I drink and write, but occasionally it helps the words flow. Not that I’ve needed them much with this novel. Once I had the idea and the plot outlined, everything has come so easily! Soon I’ll be ready to let my beta-readers read it (this is the hardest part! Possible criticism alert!) and then, so very soon, it will be published and ready for any reader!

But, before we get there, do you want a summary? Oh, goodie!

The Heiress Bride Scandal:

Lillian Blythe would rather be mixing her oil paints than mixing with London’s elite in a ballroom. But, she doesn’t have much say, because her formidable mother really wants to be accepted by society, even if that means forcing her daughter into a marriage with any eligible English lord that will have her.

Unfortunately, the English lord that will have her dies before they are married, but not before ruining her reputation. It is up to his younger half-brother, Morgan Spencer, a reclusive farmer who wants nothing to do with London society, to protect her from the wrath of her mother, and the scorn of society. But what happens when the outspoken, hot tempered Lillian and the stubborn, solitary Morgan fall in love? Will it be enough to overcome their differences, and is it real?

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