In addition to my fairly hectic schedule these past two weeks I’ve fallen back in time… to the year 1745. Scotland, in the time before the last Jacobite uprising. Yep, you guessed it! I’ve fallen headlong into the Outlander series and am currently working my way through book three, Voyager. It’s long and lovely and I am spending every last minute I can spare glued to my iPad, where I’ve been reading the books. 

I’ve even started subconsciously saying “Aye” in place of “Yes” in my head at times, and rolling my R’s to say “verra” instead of “very” ala one large red-headed Scottish Highlander. Luckily, none have actually slipped out to be teasingly mocked by my husband. 

I bought the first one, but after a fruitless and frustrating search at my local bookstores last weekend while the library was closed, I bought A Dragonfly in Amber electronically. And a few days ago I finished it. 

Have you ever been desperate after finishing a book that has had you enraptured for three days? I remember once, after finishing Grapes of Wrath I was so overcome by the emotions roiling through me at the end of that novel that I went outside and danced a frustrated, energetic little jig, much to my mother’s amusement. I don’t exactly know what it is, but finishing a book that holds you captive is like waking up from a dream. The scenes and emotions are still just at the surface, but your real world seeps back in and takes over again. And just like that, my book-dream is over. 

When there is another book in the series I’m desperate to get it, just like when I have a lovely dream and want to sleep again so I can experience the lovely feelings again. So, I bought the third book in the series and am solidly in the middle of it, which is why I’m going to stop this post and get back to it! 

And will be waiting for the fourth episode of the Outlander TV show on Starz! 

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