Music & Love & Guitars.

Music: The Milk Carton Kids, “The Ash & Clay” from The Ash & Clay

This song just came on my iTunes Americana playlist and I had to double check because for a moment I thought it was playing Simon & Garfunkel. This duo has very similar qualities– the picking guitar, the soft harmonies, the interesting lyrics. All of it. And they also reminded me of one of my other favorite duos, The Kings of Convenience. That link takes you to one of my favorite songs off their first album I ever got.

What is it about a guitar and a harmony that makes my heart quiver and my legs shake? Seriously, any guy playing guitar and singing (and doing both reasonably well) can pretty much count on my love and adoration. In fact, that was one of the things that made my husband sit up and take notice. That, and my outstanding vocabulary.

We met on and my profile mentioned that I really like guys who can play guitar and he thought to himself, “I can play guitar!” And thus, a guitar playing man won my heart. Now if only I could get him to play more often…

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