Getting Stuff Done

I feel like Calvin’s dad. Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 to take my husband to work. Then, when I came home I sat down and wrote 1,000 words. When I was done with that, I ate cottage cheese on English muffins with apples (one of my favorite breakfasts!) and took the dogs for a run in the drizzling rain. Granted, it was only in the 30s and I didn’t run nearly as far as Calvin’s dad, but I came home and felt just the same. The cold, red cheeks, the chipper sense of accomplishment at 7:45am. It was all the same. And then I went and taught my classes for the day.

Then, today I went for another run! What am I? An exercise machine? Well, actually, I am trying to be more fit. My dogs need more exercise, the lazy mutts. And I tried on a pair of underwear (lacy! cute!) and was certain I’d accidentally shrunk them. Can you even shrink underwear?

And I wrote some more. And taught a class for a colleague who’s home with a respiratory infection. It was a very nice experience. I’ve never subbed for someone before, and their class is very different than my bunch of students, which was a nice change. I had a great time and afterwards a student came up and complimented me on my approach to analysis, saying it was unlike most perspectives he’s seen before and was I a writer?

So, all in all, very accomplished and it’s only Tuesday! Now, I need to go to bed early so I can keep up this awesome streak.

I feel like Calvin’s dad today.

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