Forcing Myself to Wake on My Own Schedule & My Wild Spring Break Habits

I’m on spring break! I want to shout it out like Lil’ Wayne “SPRIIIIIINNNNGGG BRAAAAAKKE!” Yes, I know that’s not how it’s spelled, but when I hear him in my head that is how it is spelled.

So, spring break and I should be relaxing. I am, sort of, but I always seem to use school break as my chance to do work I don’t have time for during the school year. Last year I finished art projects and organized my house. The year before I did that as well. Over Thanksgiving I spray painted a drop cloth to function as an outdoor rug. And I am super happy about it. I feel very Martha Stewart. Over Winter break I started sharpie mug gifts for family members.


Early Morning Rising Helps Me Stay Motivated

And now I’m following that pattern again, but also trying to re-establish my formerly good habit of writing in the mornings. I’m slowly forcing myself to wake up earlier and earlier, in 15 minute stages so that eventually I will be waking at the same time of 6am every day. My younger self is appalled by the desire to wake at such an early hour every single morning but my older, wiser and more mature self thinks it’s great. My dogs, who ALWAYS wake me at 6 a.m. every morning also think it’s great. Usually our morning routine consists of Penny waking me at 5:45a.m., thinking I’ll feed her earlier. Then I fall back asleep, or get up and give in. I stumble through their breakfast and go back to bed until my alarm forces me up. The one thing I pride myself on is that I rarely hit the snooze (unlike the husband who uses it like an unconsciously lobbed torture device specially for me. Seriously, he can sleep straight through it and I can hear it in the next room if I’m up).

But besides being chipper for the dogs’ breakfast, why would I want to rise at this hour? Well, I’ve been listening to some interesting podcasts that have done a great job of motivating me and helping me establish what I want. And one podcaster, Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income, has explained that he switched to a morning routine because it’s become “me time” for him. Not rising because you have to get to work, but because you want to start your day the way you want it leaves you feeling more relaxed and in charge of your day. I’ve seen this happening already in my life, but I want to get better at streamlining my day so it flows better.

I already love my morning routine but I’d like to get more work done on my book, so I’m trying to add to my lovely, calming morning routine with at least half an hour to a whole hour set aside for both writing and a long, doggy walk. It feels so amazing to know that I’ve both gotten in 30-45 minutes of exercise and about 1,000 words before I do anything else. Then, I can focus on other things, or let the subconscious take over and think about tomorrow’s writing session. It doesn’t always happen right now, but when it does I feel unstoppable.

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