Silver Linings & Lemonade

Inspiration Quotes

One of the downsides of being an adjunct is that occasionally you end up without work. And that is where I find myself this spring semester. Partially it is my fault, because I got distracted and didn’t turn in my faculty preferences early enough and all the classes got snatched up. I work in a weird liminal space at the college which means that English classes I am eligible for are more limited than the average college, which has students who need English all year round, which is a real lemon scenario.

The silver lining of this cloud is that I will have more time in January to devote to writing. I got overwhelmed with grading this semester and did barely any writing. It’s not always like that but it made for a frustrating 16 weeks.

And, since I want to be able to both teach and write, I need to devote myself to that, and I need to also focus more on the business end. I’ve slowly been learning about being an entrepreneur┬áthis past year (which is how I think the modern writer really needs to think to be successful) and am eager to keep learning and start applying these lessons to this blog. So, as a sort of record I will be keeping track of my progress and my actions here on this blog. Maybe it will help someone else too. And thus; we will all drink lemonade in the shade, having done some good hard work to make that silver lining grow wider and wider and take over the gloomy clouds of this unemployed educator!

Keep watching for some changes in the new year!

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