Tech Tuesday: Twitter Scheduling

twitter bird

Guy K says that he tweets all of his tweets three times a day, at different intervals because not everyone is on Twitter all the time, and otherwise people might miss something. He compares it to why CNN repeats stories, or why commercials repeat. Makes sense right? So I’ve been testing it (and will keep testing it for a few weeks). How does he do this? With a service of course!

Guy K uses a paid app, which is great for him, but we’re not Guy K rich, so here is a great link from TwiTips with several options for free schedulers. I’ve been using LaterBro, which, despite the lame name, has some great options and an easy to use interface. It’s not on this list, but what I like about it is that I can post on both Facebook or Twitter. Most of the other options don’t have that. I might still change, though. I’m checking out HootSuite.

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