Tech Tuesday: Google Chrome Momentum

Normally on Tuesdays I try to talk about some form of social media or technology. Today is a little different than my usual schedule because my husband called in for a “sick” day. Actually, it’s more like a mental health day. We’ve been missing each other a lot because of our schedules and haven’t spent as much quality time together as we’d like. So we stayed up late last night and he overslept today, so he called in.

As much as I really like our lazy Tuesday (I’ve taken 2 naps!!) it really makes it hard to do the things I’d intended. Case in point, I’m posting this now instead of earlier in the day. But, I’m committed to posting and I didn’t post yesterday.

did listen to one of my favorite podcasts, Dear Bitches Smart Authors (or DBSA for iTunes). Sarah’s interview with Fay Wolff, an organization and de-cluttering expert who works with creative people in L.A., made me think about things I need to de-clutter in my life, and some technology we can use to do it. Sarah mentioned she uses the Google Chrome extension Momentum, which is a great way to start off the day because it gives a beautiful image, a quote and asks you your intention for the day. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class you know they often start off with an intention, like what do you hope to get from this class today? Declaring your intentions is a powerful, empowering tool, and I’ve been trying to say what I want this year. I just added this extension and it is lovely. I encourage you to check it out!

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