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Previously part of the Love Rekindled anthology, this Regency novella is now a standalone story.

“I have fought sea-battles and sailed through storms but I am not brave enough to tell her I have always loved her.”

From A Captain for Christmas

Georgiana, the widowed baroness of Wedgley, is determined to make a life for herself that is no longer dictated by the demands of the men in her life.

After she celebrates Christmas with the Chester family, she will go to London and join the social whirl she’s been missing for the past seven years.

But when she is thrown together with Alexander Forrester, her family’s ward and the man who broke her heart, she is forced to examine what she truly wants in life.

Captain Alexander Forrester has never enjoyed Christmas. It reminds him too much of the family he never had. But Admiral Chester isn’t easily dissuaded, and so Alexander is his guest. And so is Georgiana, the woman he loved and lost years ago. Can Alexander move past the hurt he feels and see the woman beneath?

Set in the Regency period, before the holiday traditions many of us know and love, this Christmas romance is a heartwarming first-person narration of love, mistletoe and Snapdragon.

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