Inspiration Monday: Laura Benanti

You know Oprah’s motto, “Live Your Best Life Now”? I have a feeling this lady is doing just that.


Laura Benanti is a Tony award winning Broadway star also seen on TV shows that I love, like Nashville, the short lived Go On and currently Supergirl. She’s also hilarious on Twitter and in real life. But why is she my inspiration for this week?

Because she looks like she is comfortable in her own (admittedly gorgeous) skin, and comfortable being her goofy, witty and endearing self. She’s such a professional but she seems like she’s having a blast doing it. Because she has come forward talking about the issue of going through a miscarriage and wanting to talk about it.  And because she is open, and expressive and energetic. Last week I was feeling pretty tired and trying to get my word count for the day but I needed a midday pick-me-up. So I watched her performing with The Skivvies and was instantly revived and ready to get back to work. She’s got such an enthusiastic spirit that I admire. As I get older and feel more comfortable with myself, someone who has talked about feeling younger and being herself as she gets older, she is my newest role model for living my best life.

Now go watch her videos!


Reason #145 in the “Why I Haven’t Been Writing” Category

I’ve been doing some other writing work that needed to get done before the end of August, but that’s not the real reason I’ve been away from my novel. It’s sooo close to being done, and yet I’ve been stalling for the last week in part because I fell down the rabbit hole of this show:

And it hit me in all the right places. Self-referential, tongue-in-cheek funny, spunky, and sex positive. Plus, this guy in the sex scenes makes me all gooey and want to howl (because he’s a man to wolf shapeshifter, get it?)

I don’t know what you’re into television-wise, but there are a few shows that make me geek out like no other. I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls, and Firefly, the last one I discovered on Netflix and can’t wait for them to revive! This show hits the same nerve those two do, and I can’t get enough. I never got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and for that I’m blaming my parents, who didn’t buy into cable or TV of any kind really, until I was well past the Buffy demographic. But, if you do like Buffy, and you like your supernaturally powered ladies of the ass-kicking and quipping kind, you too will fall into the rabbit hole I did and not emerge until all four seasons on Netflix are consumed. And then you can join me here, procrastinating and talking about Team Dyson or Doccubus and just how awesome Kenzi really is. Also, apparently Charisma Carpenter of Buffy will be in Lost Girl, Season 5.

Do be prepared for a bit of cheese, and some plot holes and everything else that comes along with fantasy on TV. But, also pay attention to the sex-positive and “Family is what we create” message in the show, and then maybe pass it on to a girl or guy who needs a little reassurance that just because you’re different doesn’t mean you aren’t loved.

p.s. Team Dyson all the way!